Stories involving police controversies


24 Jun 2015 Interesting. When police receive a hint of an online threat, they throw the guy in jail

22 Jun 2015 John Salmon's manslaughter conviction overturned. Spent 3 years in prison

22 Jun 2015 Officer involved in Dziekanski tazer death gets 30 month is jail for perjury

11 Mar 2015 Canadian prison food cutback leads to malnutrition

04 Mar 2015 Harper to deny parole for some with life sentences

20 Feb 2015 RCMP officer guilty of lying during Robert Dziekanski investigation

03 Feb 2015 Regional psychiatric centre could face eviction under SK laws

31 Jan 2015 Prison bus initiative helps bring inmates' families together

27 Jan 2015 Conservatives table life in prison without parole bill

19 Jan 2015 Lawsuit launched against solitary confinement

17 Jan 2015 US Police no longer allowed to just take peoples' assets

13 Jan 2015 US Police shoot undercover cop, according to training I'm sure

13 Jan 2015 AG: BC Prisons overcrowded and not stopping crime

13 Jan 2015 BC Auditor General's report from above story

12 Jan 2015 Woman assaulted by officer during arrest while having panic attack

21 Dec 2014 Youth organize vigil for Asian man shot by police

19 Dec 2014 Police sell wristbands in support of officer charged with murder

11 Dec 2014 Prisons say solitary confinement is a-okay!

11 Dec 2014 Police officer slams teen through glass on camera, no charges

05 Dec 2014 Prisoner brought into courtroom naked

29 Nov 2014 RCMP officers break rules on note taking

25 Aug 2014 Nunavut prison horrible conditions


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