Stories and resources about global warming, tar sands, species extinction, and the slow motion negotiations about maybe stopping them in a hundred years.

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17 Jul 2015 Another pipeline break. 5 million litres of oil "leaks" out

09 Jul 2015 SK wildfires could burn until it snows. Climate change blamed

04 Jun 2015 Apparent hiatus of global warming probably not real. Temperatures continue to rise

26 May 2015 Report - New analysis shows Kinder Morgan underestimating risks

07 May 2015 Carbon dioxide global levels pass 400ppm

22 Apr 2015 Fuel efficient barges are being ignored in favour of trucks in Vancouver because of the BC gov't choice to build the Fraser Perimeter Road

17 Mar 2015 CSIS helped gov't prepare for northern gateway protests

13 Mar 2015 Kinder Morgan says photographing Burnaby mountain suspicious

09 Mar 2015 Florida bans uses of term "climate change" by state agency

14 Feb 2015 Megadrought threatens America by 2050

30 Jan 2015 Mount Polley spill blamed on design of embankment

30 Jan 2015 Columbia uses gondolas and escalators as public transit

28 Jan 2015 NAFTA probe of tar sands blocked by Canada

23 Jan 2015 Doomsday clock now 3 minutes away from midnight

20 Jan 2015 Crashed gas tanker spills 13 000 litres into wetland

12 Jan 2015 NAFTA scrutiny of tailings ponds opposed by Canada

22 Dec 2014 Chinook salmon could be wiped out by 2100 new study claims

21 Dec 2014 US-China climate deal: Nothing new and not good enough

21 Dec 2014 Ozone recovery shows the potential of regulation

21 Dec 2014 Climate change bad and getting worse

21 Dec 2014 Oil prices change climate issues, but don't save us

16 Dec 2014 BC approves Site C hydro dam

14 Dec 2014 Climate negotiators pass watered down deal

14 Dec 2014 Floridians could become climate change refugees

11 Dec 2014 Gov't backs off supporting pipelines in BC

11 Dec 2014 5 trillion pieces of plastic in the ocean, conservative estimate

10 Dec 2014 Strong rains and flooding in BC

5 Dec 2014 UBC & SFU may stop investing in oil

30 Nov 2014 Another oil spill in Alberta

28 Nov 2014 Government failing to protect species at risk

12 Sep 2014 Enbridge Quebec line not approved

4 Sep 2014 Northern gateway unlikely to start up by 2018

4 Sep 2014 BP gets 2/3rds of the blame for BP oil "spill"

2 Sep 2014 Haliburton to pay $1 billion in lawsuit re BP oil spill

27 Aug 2014 Climate change might already be dangerous

25 Aug 2014 Carbon reduction cuts healthcare costs

25 Aug 2014 Caribou habitat beyond repair

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