Stories and resources about discrimination against the lower classes.


19 Aug 2015 Panhandlers getting harassed by police

30 Jul 2015 Conservatives play games with election timing to gain unfair, undemocratic advantage

06 Jul 2015 Public transit is falling behind nation-wide due to politics

02 Jul 2015 Transit referendum ends in a "No vote." Congestion to increase

25 Jun 2015 Dean Del Mastro sentenced to a month in jail for election overspending

23 Jun 2015 Canada's maternal health initiative getting positive results

19 Jun 2015 Loblaws demands thousands of dollars of repayments from employees after payment error

01 Jun 2015 NDP successfully pushing a ban on pay-to-pay bank fees

01 Jun 2015 Global unemployment up, and those with jobs often are just temps

26 May 2015 Report - Telecom surveillance has very little oversight

05 May 2015 Homeless killings and assaults highlight perils of life on the street

29 Apr 2015 New bank fees hurts consumers

28 Apr 2015 Typical family in federal budget not so typical

08 Apr 2015 Who is buying expensive Vancouver homes?

31 Mar 2015 Private school students do better because of their background, not teaching practices

30 Mar 2015 Sannich installed spyware on employee computers

26 Mar 2015 Food affordability not improving - StatsCan

25 Mar 2015 $2million home price will be average by 2030 - Vancity

25 Mar 2015 Richmond man has to travel 15km to check mail

18 Mar 2015 Taxpayer federation calls for end of publicly funded partisan ads

06 Mar 2015 Refugees pay more income tax than millionaire investor immigrants

26 Feb 2015 Net neutrality passes in FCC decision

25 Feb 2015 Cdn embassy in Mexico sided with mines over protestors

24 Feb 2015 High mutual fund fees could delay retirement plans

24 Feb 2015 Doubling TSFA limit will only help the wealthy, study argues

16 Feb 2015 NSA hid spying software in hard drive firmware

12 Feb 2015 Man spends last $20 on lottery and wins

11 Feb 2015 Ageism Young people get a lot less help from gov't than old people

10 Feb 2015 Retirement on track for 83% of Canadians

08 Feb 2015 Homeless man gets water dumped on him while sleeping

04 Feb 2015 Man walks 33 km per day to get to / from work. Gets donated car

30 Jan 2015 Layoff shock: How employers can soften the blow

30 Jan 2015 Essential services rule in labour strikes unconstitutional - court

29 Jan 2015 New anti-terror bill could chill freedom of speech

29 Jan 2015 Small ruling in favour of net neutrality

28 Jan 2015 Canada tracks all internet activity of citizens

28 Jan 2015 Layoffs at Tim Hortons immediately after merger with BK

26 Jan 2015 Unfair realtor contract results in crippling expense for buyer

23 Jan 2015 Syria airstrike kills at least 35

23 Jan 2015 Target Canada workers not being told anything about their future

22 Jan 2015 Target CEO's termination package same as all 17000 workers combined

20 Jan 2015 Supreme court defends union rights

20 Jan 2015 Vancouver has 2nd most unaffordable housing in the world

19 Jan 2015 Toronto children will ride the bus for free

19 Jan 2015 Richest 1% will soon own half of all wealth

15 Jan 2015 Software updates now require explicit concent by users

13 Jan 2015 #FoxNewsFacts trends after major gaffe about Birmingham

12 Jan 2015 Hour long skytrain delay caused by Waterfront power failure

10 Jan 2015 Vancouver restaurant serves meals to homeless once a month

06 Jan 2015 Vancouver detached homes now average $1 million

03 Jan 2015 Harper ends vote subsidy just in time for election

02 Jan 2015 CEO pay increased at twice the rate of average Canadian

29 Dec 2014 Greater transparency for government spending demanded

29 Dec 2014 Fox apologizes for "mistakenly" editing protester chant

29 Dec 2015 High Vancouver home prices hurting employers as workers move

26 Dec 2014 Catastrophic earthquake brewing off BC coast; no preparation

26 Dec 2014 Minor improvements for former foster kids in BC

24 Dec 2014 Food bank running low on supplies

20 Dec 2014 BC Govt did unprofessional investigation when firing employees

19 Dec 2014 Factory workers for Apple still suffering horrible conditions

18 Dec 2014 Ontario Liberals paid $10 000 to have data erased

17 Dec 2014 Tories vote on Wildrose floor crossing (but not Albertans)

11 Dec 2014 BC Liberal gov't advertising with public money again

10 Dec 2014 Canadians very deeply in debt, may cause crisis

10 Dec 2014 Corporations get away with bad medical advice in ads

2 Dec 2014 Food prices set to rise faster than inflation next year

24 Nov 2014 Zoosk creates dating profile from Facebook ad click

21 Nov 2014 Ultra rich get richer in Canada, and worldwide

20 Nov 2014 Free tool to detect spyware for 3rd world activists

11 Sep 2014 Top 10% of BC has 56% of wealth

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